Arts All Day
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Arts All Day is a five-week summer arts program for children with an interest in the arts. The program is organized around the production of an original musical drama, with the children contributing in every area: writing the story, painting the sets, designing the costumes, choreographing the dances, improvising the music.

Throughout the day, a experienced staff of artist-teachers and teenage assistants encourage the development of imagination, self-expression, and self-control in the program.

The program is located on Brattle Street, Cambridge. This year’s Summer Arts Program runs from June 26 to July 28, 2017.

Arts All Day was founded by Jill Gleim in 1983. Educator, OTA, dancer, and director of Jillsville in Cambridge, Jill wanted AAD to be a place that encourages the development in children of imagination, self-expression, and collaboration through the arts.


AAD is a wonderful oasis where children have their ideas honored, feel listened to and have license to create in a free but gently guided manner. The performance is always a joy, but the beauty is in the day-to-day process these kids go through with the teachers’ leadership. The work blends learning with art seamlessly and effortlessly, students finally unable to distinguish between the two. In this process, art is integral to learning; the two are inextricably linked. The final performance is the whole. The creative parts are work and play with theatre, dance, the visual arts and music. Scenery is designed and painted, masks and costumes imagined and made, an initial concept explored and developed to form a script, movement of the players formed and practiced. Consider what else evolves besides a fabulous show — exploration of voice, rhythm and language, challenges in logic, space and line. Development of social skills and a cooperative learning process, self-esteem, encouragement to move and speak freely, with conviction and expression. AAD teaches the whole, with vigor, a thoughtful calm, and a great deal of care. This enables AAD to celebrate the individual, as well as the group. — a former parent
Art develops a confidence to express what we feel, that reveals, through a thought process and exploration, a product, a piece of repertoire. When this piece is performed the creator feels validated. — an artist
Jill Gleim